Readers ask: When Are Dod Smart Scholarship Decisions Released?

How many DoD smart scholarships are awarded each year?

The Department of Defense Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation Scholarship-for-Service Program awarded 298 scholarships to students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs across the United States this year.

How many people receive the smart scholarship?

According to the SMART scholarship’s official website, for the year 2017 scholarship, 343 scholars were awarded nationally, which was 14 percent of all applicants. The average GPA was a 3.6, and 22 percent of the scholarship awardees were from computer engineering and science fields.

What is the DoD smart scholarship?

SMART is a scholarship-for-service program that provides full tuition and other financial benefits to individuals in exchange for a period of post-graduation civilian service in a DoD facility.

What is the Government Smart program?

Established in 1998, the GSA SmartPay Program is the world’s largest government charge card and commercial payment solutions program, providing services to more than 560 Federal agencies, organizations, and Native American tribal governments.

How competitive is the DoD smart scholarship?

Who Gets Accepted into the SMART Scholarship Program. For students that are interested in applying, the program has provided some insight into who actually wins these scholarships based on 2018 application cycle data: • The program has an 18% acceptance rate. Average GPA of 2018 scholars: 3.69.

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How hard is it to get smart scholarship?

How Competitive is It? As scholarships go, I think the SMART Scholarship is very attainable. During my year, 4,000 people applied and 300 were awarded the scholarship. That’s about 8% of applicants, which is pretty good.

Is Smart scholarship taxable?

You generally won’t have to pay tax on scholarship money used to pay for basic expenses related to your education. The IRS calls these “qualified education expenses.” These expenses include: Tuition and student fees.

What is smart fellowship?

The Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship-for-Service Program is an opportunity for students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph. SMART scholars receive full tuition, annual stipends, internships, and guaranteed employment with the Department of Defense (DoD) after graduation.

How do you get a Promise Scholarship?

To be considered for Promise, first-time freshmen are required to complete the Promise Scholarship application AND submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) via the myStudentAid app or on the Federal Student Aid FAFSA webpage by March 1 for the upcoming academic year.

What is government smart pay card?

The GSA SmartPay Program is the world’s largest commercial payment solution program, providing services to more than 560 Federal agencies, organizations and Native American tribal governments. Use for fuel, maintenance and repair of government owned/operated vehicles.

Can you use a credit card with SmartPay?

What payment methods do you accept? We accept credit cards and debit cards associated with a standard US banking account (Mastercard, Visa or Discover) for initial and subsequent lease payments. You may use a prepaid debit card or use a PayNearMe location to make a one-time subsequent lease payment.

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What GSA means?

What Does GSA Stand For? GSA stands for the General Services Administration which is a government agency that was established in 1949. The GSA Schedules Program was created to streamline government purchasing of commercial products and services and to leverage the buying power of the federal government in the process.