Quick Answer: Why Does Martha Call The Scholarship Jacket Our Only Chance?

Why does Martha feel that the scholarship jacket was her only chance?

That iswhy she was being raised by her grandparents. Even though she was athletic, she could not be a part of the school sports teams, given the expenses required. Therefore, this jacket was her only chance to prove to others how meritorious she was.

Why is the scholarship jacket so important to Martha?

The Scholarship Jacket was important to Martha because she worked hard to achieve it. When Martha asks her Grandfather for $15 for the jacket, he declines her request. Martha’s teachers should have had the argument where nobody could hear them.

Why does Mr Schmidt think Martha should get the jacket?

Why does Mr. Schmidt think Martha should get the jacket? are too poor to feed all their children.

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What is the moral of the story the scholarship jacket?

In “The Scholarship Jacket”, Martha learns a difficult lesson about not compromising to get the very thing that she has rightfully earned. This story addresses themes such as discrimination and perseverance.

What does the jacket mean to Martha?

The exposition of the story is a young girl named “Martha”, she lived in Texas. So at the end of the story she has to tell the principal that her grandfather will not give up the money for the jacket. So the principle shows pity and lets her have the jacket for free because he knows how much it means to Martha.

What does the scholarship jacket Symbolise?

What do they represent? The jacket represents determination and hard work and it also represents people getting what they deserve no matter their class religion race etc.

What is the major theme of the scholarship jacket?

Themes in “The Scholarship Jacket” include discrimination, resistance to misconduct, the longing for recognition, fairness and unfairness, honesty, and perseverance.

Why did Martha’s grandfather refuse to pay for the scholarship jacket?

When Marta told his grandfather about payment to be made for the scholarship jacket then he replied that he would not pay fifteen dollars for the jacket because in this way scholarship jacket scholarship jacket won’t retain its meaning and would lose its importance and glory.

What does Martha learn from her grandfather?

What important lesson does Martha’s grandfather teach her in the end? He teaches her to stand up for herself, and if the jacket is a reward then she shouldn’t have to pay.

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How does Martha grandfather react to the news about the jacket?

How did Martha’s grandpa react to the news that Martha will not need to pay for the jacket? He was quietly pleased and told Martha to go see if her grandmother needed help with dinner.

How did Grandpa respond to the idea of paying for the scholarship jacket?

The principal was disturbed as he felt guilty of his decision which the grand-father had rightly turned down. hope this helps you!!

What is the main conflict in the scholarship jacket?

Resolution. Martha has gotten the highest grades in the school for the past 8 years, so she will receive the scholarship jacket, which is given to the person who does so. Martha is very excited to get it, but a small conflict involving money and discrimination comes her way.

What type of story is the scholarship jacket?

Marta Salinas’ realistic fiction story “The scholarship Jacket”, takes place at a small school in Texas. Martha, a straight A plus student, was finally in 8th grade, her year to receive the valedictorian jacket.

What is the scholarship jacket who gets this jacket every year?

What is the scholarship Jacket? It’s a jacket given to the student who has earned the highest grades for eight years. What does Marta learn when she accidentally overhears two teachers arguing? She learns that she might not receive the scholarship jacket even though she has the highest grades.