Question: What Is The Posse Scholarship?

What does the Posse scholarship cover?

Posse is an undergraduate scholarship. That will not cover registration charges. That means Posse students are also responsible for paying room and board, meal plans, fees for health care, etc. It’s not a free ride; it’s a merit-based scholarship that the students win.

What does it mean to be a Posse scholar?

Every year, Posse needs your help identifying students to be the next Posse Scholars. Each Posse Scholar will receive a four-year, full-tuition merit scholarship and a place in a Posse to attend one of our partner colleges or universities next fall. Posse seeks students who are

What kind of scholarship is Posse?

The Posse Foundation identifies, recruits and trains individuals with extraordinary leadership potential. Posse Scholars receive full-tuition leadership scholarships from Posse’s partner colleges and universities.

How are Posse scholars selected?

Students who are interested in applying will need to either nominate themselves, or be nominated by a counselor, a community foundation, or a Posse alumnus. Aside from being nominated, the student must demonstrate leadership, great academic potential, and be in the first term of their senior year in high school.

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Who is eligible for Posse scholarship?

To be eligible, a high school senior must: Be nominated by their high school or a community-based organization. Be in the first term of their senior year in high school. Demonstrate leadership within their high school, community or family.

How many people are nominated for Posse scholarship?

More than 17,000 students from across the country were nominated for the Posse Scholarship. The new Scholars were selected during Posse’s multi-stage Dynamic Assessment Process, which identifies leaders who can excel at top institutions but may be overlooked by traditional college admission processes.

Can you nominate yourself for posse?

The Nomination If you’re interested in becoming one of the Posse scholars, you can speak to a teacher, community leader, or organizer to ask to be nominated. You can also nominate yourself.

How much money is the Posse scholarship?

These talented young leaders distinguished themselves from the more than 15,000 students who were nominated for the Posse Scholarship. Posse’s top-tier college and university partners awarded the new Scholars four-year, full-tuition scholarships worth $108 million.

What is the Posse process?

NOTE: Posse is a merit -based leadership scholarship. This is not a minority, low-income, or need-based scholarship. Posse staff will lead up to 100 nominees in group activities ranging from collaborative tasks to discussion-based reflections. Semi-finalists will participate in a 20-minute interview with Posse staff.

How hard is it to get the Posse Scholarship?

There are many students who could perform competitively and succeed in college, but who might be missed by such traditional measures.” With about 15,000 students competing for 660 scholarship slots this year, Posse has an acceptance rate (4.4 percent) lower than Harvard University (6.1 percent), the most selective

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What does a full-tuition scholarship cover?

A full-tuition scholarship covers the full cost of your tuition, but generally, it doesn’t cover any of a student’s other expenses. These fees could amount to thousands of dollars: housing costs, book costs, study abroad fees, and lab class fees.

What are some full ride scholarships?

12 Fantastic Full-Ride Scholarships

  • Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship.
  • JPMorgan — Thomas G. Labrecque Smart Start Program.
  • Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship.
  • Microsoft Tuition Scholarship.
  • USDA/1890 National Scholars Program.
  • Regeneron Science Talent Search.
  • Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway.
  • Flinn Foundation Scholarships.

Does Questbridge cover room and board?

The scholarship covers the full cost of attendance for each college—including tuition, room and board, travel expenses, and books and supplies—with no parental contribution, and no student loans. Note, however, that the scholarship may entail student contribution in the form of work study or student savings.

Who started the Posse Foundation?

Posse President and Founder Deborah Bial was awarded a 2007 MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship.

What are the five Posse Atlanta colleges?

Atlanta Partner Colleges and Universities

  • Bard College.
  • Boston University.
  • Brandeis University.
  • The College of Wooster.
  • The George Washington University.