Often asked: What Is The Theme Of The Scholarship Jacket?

What is the theme of the short story The scholarship jacket?

In “The Scholarship Jacket”, Martha learns a difficult lesson about not compromising to get the very thing that she has rightfully earned. This story addresses themes such as discrimination and perseverance.

What is the scholarship jacket about?

The story The Scholarship Jacket is about a girl named Martha who wants the jacket. Martha has worked hard to get this jacket but is challenged to get it when the school wants her to pay for it. In the end Martha gets the jacket that she deserves without having to pay for it.

What type of story is the scholarship jacket?

Marta Salinas’ realistic fiction story “The scholarship Jacket”, takes place at a small school in Texas. Martha, a straight A plus student, was finally in 8th grade, her year to receive the valedictorian jacket.

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What does the scholarship jacket symbolize to Martha?

Why is the jacket so important to her? Marta expects to receive the jacket because she has the highest grades in school. The jacket is important because Marta has worked hard for it.

What is the main conflict in the scholarship jacket?

Resolution. Martha has gotten the highest grades in the school for the past 8 years, so she will receive the scholarship jacket, which is given to the person who does so. Martha is very excited to get it, but a small conflict involving money and discrimination comes her way.

Who are the main characters in the scholarship jacket?

The main characters are Martha, her grandfather/grandmother, the principal, Mr. Boone, and Mr. Schmidt. The story talks about the traditional, scholarship jacket that hands out to an 8th grader every year that maintains highest grades/ straight As for eight years.

Why is the scholarship jacket so important to Martha?

The Scholarship Jacket was important to Martha because she worked hard to achieve it. When Martha asks her Grandfather for $15 for the jacket, he declines her request. Martha’s teachers should have had the argument where nobody could hear them.

Who is the scholarship jacket awarded to each year?

Every year at graduation, the school awards a beautiful jacket monogrammed with an “S” and the winner’s name to the class valedictorian, the student with the highest grades over eight years. Martha’s older sister Rosie won it years earlier.

Why did Martha expect that she would win the scholarship jacket that year?

Marta expected that she would win the scholarship jacket that year because she was fourteen years old and was in eighth grade. She had been a straight at student since her first grade. This was the reason that she was expecting to win her school scholarship jacket.

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What does Martha learn from her grandfather in the scholarship jacket?

What important lesson does Martha’s grandfather teach her in the end? He teaches her to stand up for herself, and if the jacket is a reward then she shouldn’t have to pay.

What is the climax of the story the scholarship jacket?

Inciting Incident: Teachers were discriminating against Marta, and debating giving the Scholarship Jacket to a white girl with a powerful father, even though Marta earned it. Climax: Marta tells principal she won’t pay for the jacket because of what her grandfather said.

How did Grandpa respond to the idea of paying for the scholarship jacket?

Answer: He refused to pay the money because he thought that if she pays for it, it will not be a scholarship jacket anymore. The principal was disturbed when Martha’s grandfather refused to pay the money because then the jacket will have to be given to someone else.