Often asked: What Is A Dean Scholarship?

What does a Dean’s scholarship mean?

The Dean’s Scholarship (DS) is a merit-based scholarship for current or returning undergraduate and graduate students. The scholarship is intended to recognize academic excellence among University College students. The DS can be combined with other University College scholarships.

How much is a dean scholarship worth?

These Dean’s List scholarships range from $15,000 to $24,000. Although in recent years, the school granted packages of up to $38,400 per year.

What does being on the Dean’s List mean?

A dean’s list is an academic award, or distinction, used to recognize the level of highest scholarship demonstrated by students in a college or university. Universities may often establish further rewards, such as annual dean’s lists, for students that demonstrate even greater academic distinction.

What is the dean Difference Award?

It’s all part of what they call “The Dean Difference.” With more than 500 events a year, Dean College offers students an education on a campus rich in tradition. The college also awards $25 million in merit-based aid to its students, with 95% of its students receiving some form of financial assistance.

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Is Dean’s list all A’s?

The Dean’s List is a list of all students that received A’s and B’s for the semester. The President’s List is a list of all student that received all A’s for the semester.

Is making Dean’s List a big deal?

Getting on the Dean’s List is a great personal achievement. The Dean’s List is not awarded based on absolute GPA score — it’s awarded based on comparative performance with everyone else in the faculty. Being on the Dean’s List means that you are among the top 1-5% of the faculty in terms of academic results.

What are the benefits of being on the dean’s list?

4 Benefits of Being on the Dean’s List

  • Personal Achievement. Making it to the Dean’s List is a personal achievement that you can be proud of.
  • Prestige & Recognition.
  • The Record (& the Resume)
  • Improved Job Prospects/Employability Factor.
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What is the minimum GPA for Dean’s List?

The exact dean’s list GPA requirements will depend on each particular pool of students, but is usually at least a 3.5 GPA. To be eligible, you’ll also need to be a full-time student taking a minimum number of credits (often around 12 credits).

What do Dean’s List students get?

Those students who have earned a 3.75 to 4.0 GPA for the quarter are placed on the Dean’s List. Those students who have earned a 3.25 to 3.749 GPA for the quarter are placed on the Honors List.

Is being on the Dean’s List good?

Personal Achievement – The Dean’s List is solid evidence that you have worked hard in college and did your best during the academic year. Inclusion on the Dean’s List, especially for multiple semesters or quarters, is one way to make your resume stand out from the crowd.

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Should you put Dean’s List on resume?

Key Takeaways Including Dean’s List on a resume is optional. By all means, put Dean’s List on a resume if you made it all semesters. If you made Dean’s List only once, leave it out. If you made Dean’s List several semesters, consider including it in a separate section on your resume.

Is Dean’s List Better Than Honor Roll?

To be placed on the academic honor roll, a student must complete at least 14.0 semester hours with a 3.0-3.499 grade point for the semester, have no grade below C, and no incomplete grade. Those students satisfying the above criteria with a semester grade-point average of 3.5 or above are placed on the Dean’s List.

What GPA is President’s list?

President’s List. Students are eligible for the President’s List if they have earned 12 or more college credits during a spring and/or fall semester with a GPA of 3.7 or higher.

Is dean’s list every semester or year?

Following the GPA, you would include, ” Dean’s List for X semesters/for all semesters.” Another way to include dean’s list on your resume is in a section separate from your education section. For example, you could include a section titled “Accomplishments and Awards” and include dean’s list here.

What GPA is honor roll in college?

What is the Honor Roll? You are on the Principal’s Honor Roll if you earn an “A” in every class. You can still earn the regular Honor Roll if you earn all A’s and B’s with no more than one C. You must have at least one “A” if you have one “C” as your Grade Point Average (GPA) must be a 3.0.